WE DO NEED YOUR HELP! The operation of our Greenfield Children’s Home is supported only by the generous gifts of people like you who desire to have the children we care for be given a chance at a meaningful and productive life. One visit to our “home” will assure you this is happening. Whether your support is in the form of donating items on our needs list, sponsoring a child, donating to our ongoing monthly expense, or volunteering with a mission team it is all necessary for our continued operation. We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Contributions are used for the direct benefit of the children: housing, food, clothing, school expenses, and on-site staffing. Our administration is all done by volunteers.

We have many opportunities to partner with us in ministry as you can see below. Where do you fit?    Together we are better!


The most useful area of support for us is our General Fund. These unrestricted donations allow us to apply the funds where they are most needed. Our campus is always in need of repair and maintenance. Medical costs, electric bills, auto breakdown, school supplies, a neighbor needing help, and so many other expenses are covered by these donations.

General Donations along with our Child Sponsorships are used for the direct benefit of the children. Buying groceries and clothes, paying staff, filling the gas tank of our van, and so on, it all adds up. Our expenses exceed $12,000 a month. Your generous support along with many other like-minded people allow our Greenfield Children’s Home to continue.



Sponsoring a child is a wonderful way to partner with us in ministry. We offer multiple sponsorships for each child with a monthly commitment of $45.

If you wish to Sponsor a Child or learn more, click the link below. There you will find a portfolio of our children needing sponsors. Clicking on a child’s picture will take you to a page where you may read more about the child and select your choice for payments: by Credit Card, by PayPal, or to Mail donations directly to us. If you wish you can view more children by clicking the arrows on the sides of the window. There you will also find a link for Canadians wishing to make tax deductible Sponsor payments.



Any of our children would love to receive a card or letter from you especially on special occasions.  The best gift to give a child, on top of your monthly support, is to recognize their birthday or remember them at Christmas. Cards are best! Toys and such are in abundance at our facility. Gifts that most benefit our children are funds given toward helping to secure the child’s future.



If you are traveling to Roatan either on vacation or on a cruise, you have the opportunity to help with our needs. One of our greatest blessings is for our visitors to go grocery shopping for us. This accomplishes three things we feel are important: it supports the local economy of Honduras, it gives you a glimpse of the real Roatan, and it allows you to be more intimately involved in the ongoing lives of these less fortunate of God’s children. An additional benefit – it eases the strain on our limited budget.

We also keep a “Needs List” which you may help erase. You, your friends, your family, your church or small group all together can pack some of the items and bring them down with you. Then come visit us and meet some of the kids. It will do your heart good.

Unfortunately shipping costs and import duties make sending items to us prohibitively expensive.



If you use to make purchases, we want to make you aware of Amazon’s charitable giving called Amazon Smile. One half of one percent of every Amazon Smile eligible purchase goes to the charity of your choice. Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries is included as one of those charities. Clicking below will take you to our Smile.Amazon page. Login to your Amazon account as usual if it did not pre-fill and you will be registered to benefit the children at our Greenfield Children’s Home in Roatan, Honduras. When shopping at Amazon be sure to use your “SMILE” account. Adding a bookmark for your “Smile.Amazon” account makes it easy to use.

We are not endorsing Amazon, any of its policies or positions; but if you’re already using the site to make purchases, we’d be grateful if you would include Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries. It is an easy way to partner with us and help insure that needy children of Roatan, Honduras, will have a safe place to live. It sure is nice to get that monthly check from Amazon. Help us make it grow!



If you have a heart for children and you are vacationing on Roatan, you may wish to share some of your time and talent by volunteering for an hour, a day, or a week. We have many tasks that we find hard to get to. Perhaps you can help us. Folks have volunteered for many different things – home maintenance and repair, tutoring one or more of our kids, engaging the kids in games of all sort, giving the cook a break by making lunch for the 30 people that eat here, painting, doing art or music projects, and the list goes on…

Mr. Orsy and Ms. Banesa are great hosts. If you are on the Island, or when you arrive you can call or text Mr. Orsy at 504-9928-6579. Better yet, click our contact form and send out an email. Let us know the “when, what, and how” you would like to help.



Beside becoming an individual partner in our ministry with your financial support, we hope that you would share your love and concern for the less fortunate of Roatan, Honduras, with your home church, your friends and relatives. Sandy Bay Light House Ministries offers “short term mission” experiences for a number of churches, organizations and schools. We would be honored to host a team from your church, Bible study, or small group.