WE DO NEED YOUR HELP! The operation of our Greenfield Children’s Home is supported only by the generous gifts of people like you who desire to have the children we care for be given a chance at a meaningful and productive life. One visit to our “home” will assure you this is happening. Whether your support is in the form of donating items on our needs list, sponsoring a child, donating to our ongoing monthly expense, or volunteering with a mission team it is all necessary for our continued operation. We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Contributions are used for the direct benefit of the children: housing, food, clothing, school expenses, and on-site staffing. Our administration is all done by volunteers.

We have many opportunities to partner with us in ministry as you can see on the How You Can Help page.


The most useful area of support for us is our General Fund. These unrestricted donations allow us to apply the funds where they are most needed. Our campus is always in need of repair and maintenance. Medical costs, electric bills, auto breakdown, school supplies, a neighbor needing help, and so many other expenses are covered by these donations.

General Donations along with our Child Sponsorships are used for the direct benefit of the children. Buying groceries and clothes, paying staff, filling the gas tank of our van, and so on, it all adds up. Our expenses exceed $12,000 a month. Your generous support along with many other like-minded people allow our Greenfield Children’s Home to continue.

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