If you find yourself on the Island of Roatan, Honduras, either while vacationing or off a cruise ship, we would love to have you stop by for a visit, meet our Honduran “house parents” Orsy and Banesa Cruz, see what we are doing and meet some of the kids. We are located in the village of Sandy Bay – between Coxen Hole and West End. Most all taxi and tour drivers know our location.

It is helpful if you would go to our “Contact Us” tab and send a note before you leave on your trip. Sometimes we can even help with your transportation needs. Those wishing to bring us supplies as you travel find our “Current Needs” below or under the “Support” tab.  If you are bringing any items from the U.S. by cruise ship, be sure to “declare” them the day before you are scheduled to dock at Roatan.

If you are interested, an activity we have found to be a good experience is to stop by the Home, learn what the needs are (generally groceries) then we or your taxi driver can take you to a market to purchase whatever you decide.

This accomplishes three things we feel are important: it supports the economy of Honduras; it gives you a glimpse of the “real” Roatan, and it allows you to be more intimately involved in the ongoing lives of these less fortunate of God’s children.  Please do not leave any contributions with a driver to be delivered later.

Below you will find information about the kids at our home that is frequently asked for. If you are considering a gift for the children or a specific child, we suggest an article of clothing rather than a toy, toiletries rather than candy.

If you find your heart touched by the love and compassion you observed at our Greenfield Children’s Home, won’t you please consider supporting our efforts with your prayers and financial support? Perhaps sponsoring a child.

Enjoy safe travel, and we hope to see you in Roatan!



Transformational Travel

Sandy Bay Light House Ministries offers short-term mission opportunities.  We refer to this experience as transformational travel because it results in transforming the lives of both participants and recipients.  We have hosted many teams over the past couple of years and consistently receive positive feedback on the experience.  We go to a lot of work to ensure that your stay with us is well organized for a maximum benefit for both you, the children of our home and the residents of the Island.   Our goal is to expand each person’s vision for opportunities to share the love and message of the Gospel, to raise awareness of the needs that exist in this world and an appreciation for cultural beauty and diversity.

How Much Will This Trip Cost Me?

Actual cost will vary depending on the price of your airline tickets.  There is a small airport on the Island of Roatan that can be accessed from several major airports in the U.S. or otherwise.  In addition, there is the cost of food and lodging while on the island.  This is covered in our information packet.  It would be safe to estimate that the average cost for a one-week-trip would be in the $1,200 to $1,600 range.

What Might Our Mission Team Do On This Trip?

Mission teams typically direct their attention to ministry and activities with the children at the home, doing maintenance at our facility, evangelism, and compassion outreach into the communities on the Island.  The option of getting involved in local churches on the island is also a possibility.  What you will do with these opportunities must be clearly planned before your trip.

How Many People Can I Bring With Me On A Trip?

We can accommodate up to as many as 20 on a team.  We have found that an ideal size is about 12.

How Can I Find Out More Details About Planning A Trip?

All the details and requirements for a mission trip can be acquired by requesting our mission team packet.  This can be accomplished by checking out our contact information on the webpage.

What Accommodations Can We Expect?

Your stay during the mission trip can be arranged at a local resort on the island or you may choose to use apartment-like accommodations at the children’s home.  Food can be arranged in a similar manner or a combination of both.

How Long Is A Short-Term Mission Trip?

Short term mission trips are normally 7 days and 7 nights—but exceptions and other arrangements can be made.


From this  page you can download Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries’ Application Forms for Volunteers and Short Term Mission Teams that wish to use this application. By clicking below the PDF file you select will open in a new window to print or download. You can type directly into the downloaded form and save your changes to email back or print and mail.