Here at Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries, everything keeps growing and God keeps blessing. Our most immediate and pressing challenge for this year, 2020, is providing housing for our students who are coming of age and are not legally or safely to be housed with our younger children. Even though these young adults have finished the first stage our our program, we are not comfortable nor intending to “release them to the world” until they are ready. We want our ministry to these young adults to continue.
The most logical approach to this challenge has been to move these young adults into the space that was commonly referred to as “the apartments.” These have served us well in housing mission teams. With this space now needed for our young adults, we need to build a new facility to house our mission teams.
We are naming this our “Lighthouse Mission Center.” This will have amazing capabilities. It will not only contain five short term mission rooms with 20 beds, but also have a full kitchen and living room. We will also add two long term bedrooms for teachers as well as the relocated dental clinic.
These expansions to our ministry always come with a cost. Fortunately, we are blessed with lots of volunteer labor supplied by our mission teams. In fact, the foundations have already been dug. However, we still have the expense of hiring some local professionals as well as purchasing all the materials. Our projected cost will be between $130,000 – $150, 000.
If you are excited about seeing this dream come true and this expansion of our ministry become a reality, please become a partner with us. We are dependent upon God’s grace and the support of our friends. As you can see, this new facility will not only benefit our much-loved children, but provide ever increasing opportunities to bless the people of Roatan.