Roatan has a rich and interesting history. Reading up on the history and the people can help in your experience of the Island. Read more…

Below are some of the activities Roatan has to offer the tourist.

Horseback Riding

This tour takes you to a long stretch of secluded beach, with a stroll through the lush vegetation of the hills. The tour takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours.




Off shore Snorkeling


Snorkel the world’s second largest Barrier reef where a boat will be take you to the best snorkeling sites. Enjoy the myriad variety of coral, fish and more aquatic life away from the cruise ship crowds.



fishing3 fishing1Fishing has been a way of life in Roatan for many generations. Join our experienced fishermen as they help you experience some of the best sport fishing available. Guides will help you as you troll for Mahi Mahi, Barracuda, Tuna, Wahoo or Marlin, or if you prefer bottom fishing for Jack, Snapper or Grouper.

The price is $ 70.00 per hour (with a minimum of 2 hours)




The Monkeys

monkeys4 monkeys1 monkeys2Enjoy a unique experience. Spend as much time as you like at a private residence with whiteface and spider monkeys. A once in a lifetime photo opportunity.





Zip-Line Canopy Tour

zipline3zipline1If you are new to canopy or zip-lines, then you are missing out on an adventure filled with adrenaline and sightseeing. It’s a fun activity designed for just about anyone to enjoy. The canopy tour consists of 16 platforms and 13 suspension cables on which a person glides while enjoying the beauty of the forest.

The duration of the tour is 1 hour and price is $45 and up.







Sit back, relax and enjoy our Roatan. Let our tour guide do the driving while you experience beautiful Island views from the comfort of an air conditioned van. This activity is perfect for families or groups that want to get away from the crowds and see the best of Roatan, offering you the chance to see our capital town of Coxen Hole, a ship wreck, the best panoramic views to take scenic photos, and much more.



The Iguana Farm


iguanafarm2Sherman´s Arch Iguana Farm is home to about 3,000 iguanas that you can pet and feed. And also a salt water aquarium with tarpon, lobster, turtles and much more.



 The Garifuna Experience



Learn about the descendants of the Garifuna, their history, journey and arrival in Honduras. Experience the music, songs and dance styles of the Garifuna people.  The price is $ 5.00 p.p.



 The Beach

beach3beach1beach2Escape to a private beach resort for an ultimate day in Paradise! This Private Beach Resort offers the perfect getaway for couples, families and groups. Whether you would prefer to spend your day lounging by the pool, strolling along the private beach, making sandcastles with your children or swimming in the crystal Caribbean Sea.  One of the highlights for many visitors is reaching the famous West Bay Beach, one of the best beaches in the world! This incredible beach is yours for the day, with open bar, beach chairs and everything you need for a great day in the sun.






The Roatan Island is regarded as a World leading destination for scuba diving and snorkeling; mostly because of the water clarity, year round warm water temperatures and the Island’s shore proximity to pristine underwater reefs.  If you haven’t snorkeled before, begin in the shallow water of a calm sandy beach, but don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this spectacular underwater world.






kayak3Kayaking offers the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. This fantastic new activity is perfect for families and groups of all ages, is very limited in numbers of participants.

Be sure to reserve kayaks well in advance of your arrival date in order to assure availability for your group.