If you are traveling to Roatan either on vacation or on a cruise, you have the opportunity to help with our needs.

One of our greatest blessings is for our visitors to go grocery shopping for us. This accomplishes three things we feel are important: it supports the local economy of Honduras, it gives you a glimpse of the real Roatan, and it allows you to be more intimately involved in the ongoing lives of these less fortunate of God’s children. An additional benefit – it eases the strain on our limited budget.

We also keep a “Needs List” which you may help erase. You, your friends, your family, your church or small group all together can pack some of the items and bring them down with you. Then come visit us and meet some of the kids. It will do your heart good.

Below is the list of items that are needed at the home. Most of these items are ongoing needs. Those that are highlighted are more pressing needs. We try to keep an inventory for the children at our home. Any donated items that are not needed for our children are distributed into the community by visiting mission teams or our children and staff. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about items you would like to donate.

Unfortunately shipping costs and import duties make shipping items to us prohibitively expensive.